Home News CS Cloud Partners with Nimbus Cloud Services to Fast Track Malaysia’s Digital Transformation

CS Cloud Partners with Nimbus Cloud Services to Fast Track Malaysia’s Digital Transformation

CS Cloud Partners with Nimbus Cloud Services to Fast Track Malaysia’s Digital Transformation
by Dimple

Petaling Jaya, 7 September 2021 – CS Cloud Sdn Bhd (“CS Cloud”) an indirect subsidiary of Censof Holdings Berhad is pleased to announce its official partnership with Nimbus Cloud Services (“Nimbus Cloud”), a pioneering cloud service provider in Malaysia. Through this partnership, four new cloud products, namely ‘Hijra Cloud’, ‘Kryo Cloud’, ‘Kami Cloud’ and ‘Askar Cloud’ will be introduced and provided to all existing and future clients of CS Cloud, which will essentially accelerate the ability to meet the growing demand of the digitalization transformation of the public sector in Malaysia.

This partnership between CS Cloud and Nimbus Cloud will experience exponential growth in opportunities from businesses, especially from the public sector that require cloud managed services. The four newly launched products will provide greater options to existing and potential clients to adopt cloud managed services in their businesses to better manage their day-to-day operations in facing the future of digitalization of businesses in Malaysia.

These cloud products, being flexible and scalable, are customisable to meet every businesses need. With security and reliability at the top of its benefits, these cloud products are highly resilient with the multi-layered security and ‘always-up’ environment. Focusing on clients from the public sector, CS Cloud and Nimbus Cloud products are hosted in Malaysia, which comply with data sovereignty laws.

This collaboration between CS Cloud and Nimbus Cloud aims not only to support digital transformation, but to provide businesses with a concrete defence against loss of productivity, business downtime and high consulting fees by leveraging on both parties’ IT expertise. CS Cloud and Nimbus Cloud proactively monitor and provide preventive maintenance to detect and eliminate computer problems which may result in loss of time and importantly lower cost.

“The business network and relationship between CS Cloud and Nimbus Cloud started several years ago. We have always admired Nimbus Cloud’s offering to businesses across the globe and how their solutions enable businesses to thrive. At this juncture, we have implemented our joint services and products to our government clients and we have seen positive outcome. At its core, this partnership with Nimbus Cloud will extend the reach of our Cloud products, making it more accessible for businesses with the variation and options that each product offers. As your business grows, we will help to ensure you have the right resources in place to sustain its development,” said Kavinthraj Panneerchelvam, chief executive officer of CS Cloud.

“The local and global business industries are undergoing sweeping changes in digitalization transformation. We are proud to partner CS Cloud as its achievements have been remarkable, constantly breaking new ground assisting businesses and providing relevant solutions. The debut of these four cloud products today is a gamechanger as it is a testament to Nimbus Cloud and CS Cloud’s dedication and reputation in the local Cloud service industry,” said Ungku Melewa Ahmad, chief executive officer of Nimbus Cloud.

For more information about this partnership and CS Cloud-Nimbus Cloud based products, please visit www.cscloud.my