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by Dimple

Censof Holdings Berhad (Censof) was established in 2008 and has become one of the leading Bumiputera companies in the accounting and technology industry with a growing portfolio of clients from the private and public sectors.

As a technology group of companies, to stay innovative, focused and relevant, the Group adheres to its strategic goals set out in the Group’s Vision and Mission Statement.

Censof provides state-of-the-art financial management and business solutions to government and commercial sectors in the Asia Pacific Region. Censof has the ability to write, construct and present solutions to the most complex modeling challenges with a new dimension of flexibility, simplicity and accuracy.

Its goal is to spearhead creative and innovative Financial Management and Business Solution for its customers. Censof creates all-encompassing comprehensive solutions that streamline conventional business practices into forward-looking productive environments.

Censof is also continuing its expansion roll across the region to establish major player positions in both advanced and emerging markets.

Apart from financial management solutions, Censof also provides customizable business solutions in business performance, enterprise analytics, wealth management, application development and training solutions. This diversity of technical competency within our ingrained corporate makeup has served to elevate Censof to a dominant position in our chosen business ecosystem.