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Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies
by Dimple
Technologies such as artificial intelligence (“AI”), machine learning (“ML”), augmented and virtual reality, the internet of things (“IoT”) and Peer-to-Peer (“P2P”) platforms are evolving at breakneck speed and rapidly reshaping our world.

Today, Censof Group has a foothold in the P2P lending space through our acquisition of a 10% equity stake in MoneySave Holding Sdn. Bhd., a Recognised Market Operator or RMO registered with the Securities Commission of Malaysia with a license to operate a P2P financing platform. This has essentially made us a cornerstone investor in P2P lending and opens up new opportunities for us to diversify our income streams. Together with our partners, we are helping to transform emerging technologies such as AI, ML, IoT and P2P into sustainable businesses for the long-term. We also provide realistic and secure technology solutions for a wide range of uses on the government, banking, and service sector fronts.

Censof Digital

Digital Solution Provider

  • Digital Transformation
  • Mobility
  • Big Data

Ecosystem of emerging technologies for ideation and creation of empowering digital solutions that is scalable and sustainable for businesses to achieve operational excellence.

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CS Cloud

As Cloud Solutions and Cloud adaptations are becoming integral to managing business and day to day operations in current times, we at CS Cloud Sdn Bhd are proud to introduce our very own cloud computing platform which offers private or hybrid cloud deployments, enabling you to work without boundaries and scale your agencies to meet current and future needs.

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Tender Pintar

Tenderwizard, is well received in the industry since 2012, providing e-Tendering, e-Procurement, and e-Auction platform for buying / selling goods & services, works & consultancy.

In 2020, we established Tender Pintar Sdn Bhd to focus on transforming the procurement ecosystem for today’s organisation.

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Insure KU

InsureKU is designed to be an aggregator platform which provides a comfortable start to finish experience for Malaysians. By keeping the navigation simple, InsureKU aims to enable Malaysians to compare quotations for life and general insurances in an easy, straight-forward manner. With products sourced directly from insurers and not through the agency, Financial Advisor (FA) or broker model, insureKU aspires to be the pioneer in providing insurances at a lower cost and “pocket-friendly” manner while enabling transparency in pricing across the board.

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