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Kavinthraj Panneerchelvam

Kavinthraj Panneerchelvam
by Dimple

Chief Executive Officer, CS Cloud Sdn Bhd

Raj, who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer System and Communication, currently leads CS Cloud Sdn Bhd as its Chief Executive Director. He also holds certifications in Oracle Database, Linux System Administration, HTML, Linux, and 11gR2.

He started out on his own at the age of 32, with a great passion in continuously providing improvement to ensure business sustainability, scalability and value to the customers.

Over the years, he has accumulated vast experiences and knowledge in the IT infrastructure and platform managed services environment, focusing on customers and people leadership. Raj has managed and optimised multi-level technical teams and solutions to address the business challenges and provided value-added services using the ITIL Framework, ISO 20000 and 27000 standards. He held various management roles focusing on business and operational leadership.

38 years old, Malaysian

Academic / Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Computer Science Majoring on Networking (University Technology Malaysia).